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The Power of Innovation: How a Walkie Stacker Made a Supermarket Safer

A small independently owned supermarket located in Adelaide, SA, faced challenges in ensuring the safety of their customers and employees while efficiently handling their inventory in high-density pedestrian areas. The old electric counterbalance forklift was not only difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces, but it was also very unreliable and a safety hazard, especially during busy hours.

After researching potential solutions, the supermarket discovered the BOA Legless stacker from TASK Forklifts. This pedestrian stacker is specifically designed for high pedestrian areas with its compact design and ease of operation, even for those who are not experienced forklift operators.

Using a pedestrian stacker in high pedestrian areas offers the advantage of increased safety. Compared to bulky electric counterbalance forklifts, pedestrian stackers are more compact and can easily navigate around customers and employees. As part of the proposal, TASK also included additional stacker features including extra safety lights, a movement alarm, and the inclusion of highly reflective safety tape to ensure that pedestrians are aware of its presence at all times.

The stacker also includes a high/low-speed switch located on the dash to reduce speed in crowded areas. This feature will be introduced, as standard across the BOA and Conda range from July 2023.

Aside from its safety benefits, the BOA Legless stacker is also more efficient than the old electric counterbalance forklift. Its compact design allows it to manoeuvre in tight spaces, making it easier to move inventory from the stockroom to the shop floor. The BOA Legless stacker is also easy to use, and requires no license to operated a common issue for supermarket who only had one employee with a forklift license.

Overall, the BOA Legless stacker from TASK has been a valuable solution for the small independently owned supermarket. Its efficiency and safety features have greatly improved their inventory handling process and they can now safely use the BOA Stacker in high-density pedestrian areas. The BOA Legless stacker is highly recommended for small businesses looking for a safe and efficient way to handle any inventory.


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