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Our History.
Australian Owned. Australian Operated.

Like many successful companies, we began with a dedicated, driven individual whose strong work ethic and uncompromising standards forged a reputation for, in his case, manufacturing excellence. That individual was Eric Rainsford.

In 1981, the company turned its manufacturing skills to making Electric Stackers, and it’s been a case of onwards ad upwards ever since. We became known as TASK Forklifts® in 2001 by which time we’d become the largest Australian manufacturer and exported of forklifts and materials handling products as well as holding numerous international patents.

In the 21st century, the Rainsford family continue the tradition of manufacturing excellence with the design, manufacture and distribution of electric pedestrian stackers and ride-on forklifts through TASK Forklifts®. And its only with the expertise and hard work of our dedicated team that we can continue to prosper and grow.

TASK Forklifts® are one of the world’s most innovative material handling companies with a reputation for award-winning product design, advanced Australian based engineering and technology, and exceptional after-sales service. 

We bring together an integrated process of design, manufacture and distribution using innovative solutions that improve customers’ productivity and operating efficiency. TASK Forklifts® are well known for their range of Pedestrian stackers, including their Legless® Stacker; a Walkie Stacker unit with a much smaller warehouse footprint than any other.

In Australia, we provides options for sale, hire and servicing to both end-user customer and dealerships. In the United States, we work with over 150 selected dealers throughout the country to provide quality, Australian designed pedestrian stackers. As the designer and manufacturer, we guarantee 100% genuine spare parts support for all our models.

40-Years of Manufacturing.
Battery Electric, Materials Handling Equipment.

The distinctive level of manufacturer-backed support ensures the forklift or pedestrian stacker purchased by our customer will always be maintained using the correct repair procedures and use genuine TASK Forklift® parts. These parts all meet the company’s reliability, safety and quality levels.

Our main factory in Adelaide, South Australia allows us to re-fabricate and provide custom build solutions to our customers, minimising delivery times. We have always consistently ensured that our core range utilises our unique modular design, the outcome resulting in huge reductions in lead times for customers and dealers. 

TASK Forklifts’ experience and expertise in manufacturing and engineering enables it to provide custom-built solutions, all of which are tested and exceed ISO, ANSI, and Australian Safety (AS) Standards.

Lifetime Support.
A premium level, of customer support.

Our success is driven by our expert sales team, our ability to service and support not only our own brand but many other forklift models, and our unrivalled experience of engineering, designing and manufacturing a customer-focused product.
In the 41 years that TASK Forklifts® has been trading, our most important goal has been to provide exceptional customer service and support at every stage of the customer journey. 

For us, the customer’s order is the start of the journey – unfortunately, many competitors see it as the end.


We serves a diverse customer base across Australia and the United States. Each businesses needs and requirements are different and that requires a premium level of customer relationship. Our guidance to customers is individualised to suit them – This is where we really excel. Our customer-oriented, solution-based approach allows the customer to make correct, informed decisions with the knowledge that they will be backed by exceptional after-sales support for the lifetime of their forklift.

Environment Impact.
Our corporate responsibility.

Meanwhile, the environmental impact of the business is essential to the company’s corporate responsibility. We have implemented an action plan focused on the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by the different actions and operations of the business.

We have already invested in the use of clean, renewable, and sustainable solar energy to assemble and manufacture forklifts – This is a substantial step in reducing our carbon footprint.


A unique point of difference in our core TASK Forklift® models, compared to our competitors, is the use of a modular steel body. All of these components provide a rugged, strong frame and are all 100% recyclable. 

We also utilise a unique “Thin Plate Pure Lead acid battery (TPPL) for our new range of BOA® Legless Stackers®. These TPPL batteries are easily and almost completely recyclable. This allows us to boast an impressive 90% recyclability for its new BOA® Legless® Stacker.

Looking to the Future.
Expansion and Research & Development.

Having now entered our 41st year of offering quality, reliable material handling equipment, we are now focusing on expansion and growth for our operations both in Australia and in the USA.

The pedestrian operated market is the only segment of the forklift industry which has continued to grow. Businesses are focusing on efficiency, simplicity, and automation to drive down costs and increase profits.

In the US, we are represented through more than 150 dealer sites, and we plan on increasing this number to 200 by the end of 2023. In Australia, our focus will continue to be our protection of our global supply chain, and growth through new retail customers and expansion of our international dealership network.

TASK Forklifts® are also investing in research and development of its flagship product ranges. Our goal is to update, enhance and produce quality, reliable and affordable products for our customers. Further to this we are also working exclusively with accredited third parties to offer options of complete automation for the ever-changing warehouse and distribution centre configurations.




In 2001 we became TASK Forklifts; the official equipment manufacturer of OSKO, SUMI, MAX and BigJoe Australia.


We are now the largest Australian owned manufacturer and exported of forklifts and material handling products in Australia, as well as holding numerous international patents for our innovative solutions.


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