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The Ideal Choice.

The TASK X-Series is designed for optimal operator comfort, safety and efficiency. The new TASK X-Series is available with a 4.7m, 3 stage mast on allowing operators to use the X-Series forklift inside a container if required.

As a standard feature the X-Series IC forklifts also come with Side-shift. The smooth handling regardless of whether the forklift is loaded, travelling or lifting makes the X-Series an ideal choice for the discerning operator needing a highly manoeuvrable forklift.

+ TASKX-Series


TASK X-Series Gas LPG Forklift

X-Series Features List.

a 1500kg - 8000kg Lifting Capacity

a 2.5m - 6.5m Lifting Height

a Two stage and three stage mast configurations

a Full Free Lift Available with 3-stage mast configuration

a Internal Combustion Engine

a Tilting mast as standard

a Side-shift function as standard

a Electric Power Steering


a Proportional Controls for precise handling

a Excellent Leg Room in the operator compartment

a Intuitive Dash Display

a Wide mast for increase visibility

a Low exhaust emissions

a Built to Australian Standards

a Can be to adjusted to meet environmental requirements

a Programmed different operator skill levels.

LED Lights, Reverse Grip, Overhead Protection, Operator Detection System, Low Carbon Emissions
TASK X-Series

X-Series Optional Extras.


Container Mast (Standard)  //  Side-Shift Fork Positioner  //  Digital Weight Gauge  //  Worker Accessories  //  Rotator  //  Bale Clamp  //  Carpet Prong  // Extra Long Forks  //  Optional Wi-fi or Wired Camera  //  Optional Wi-fi or Wired Camera  //  Reflective Safety Decals  //  
Hydraulic Lever Lock-out  /
/  And lots more - Contact our sales team for more details.

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The TASK X-Series LPG Counterbalance Forklift is built with durability, reliability and simplicity in mind. With capacities from 1800kg to 8000kg - there's nothing that the X-Series can't handle.

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TASK X-Series LPG Gas Forklift
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