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The Innovative TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2: Your Ultimate Work Tool

At TASK Forklifts, innovation and efficient engineering are at the core of everything we do, and our latest masterpiece, the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2, is no exception.

Are you seeking to amplify productivity in your warehouse while ensuring the safety of your workforce? The TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 Task Support Vehicle is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to dangerous ladders, steps, and stools, and eliminate the need for a forklift with a work cage and two staff members. The TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 not only reduces labour costs but also saves valuable time, proving to be an invaluable asset in various areas of your operation.

We take pride in adhering to International Safety Standards, and this commitment is reflected in the design and engineering of the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2. Rigorously tested to meet Australian, American, and International stability standards, including the ISO 22915.21, the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 boasts exceptional levels of stability. When it comes to task support vehicles, it is widely acknowledged as the best-in-class for stability at elevated heights.

The TASK TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2's innovative features set it apart from the competition. Equipped with a functional dual-hand operating system, you have full control of the unit, allowing for seamless manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The electric power steering further enhances its agility, enabling it to navigate through narrow aisle widths of just 840mm (34 inches), making it a game-changer for optimising warehouse storage capabilities. With the latest Nexsys TPPL Battery technology, the SIDEWINDER delivers superb energy efficiency and enables multiple shifts to be completed on a single charge. Additionally, it's designed with a super-fast built-in charger, making it conveniently chargeable from any standard 10amp wall socket.

Impressive both in performance and capacity, the operator compartment and parts tray of the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 can carry a staggering 400kg (880lbs) and reach an elevation height of 4.2m (165 inches).

The TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 maintains unparalleled stability compared to similar units available in the market today.

What makes the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 even more enticing is its accessibility. No special licensing is required, and with just a little training offered by TASK, all staff members can confidently and safely operate this versatile unit, making it one of the most practical and user-friendly options available.

The TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 is designed to tackle a wide range of tasks, making it the ultimate work tool for various industries and applications, including:

  • Handling materials in stock rooms or parts warehouses

  • Customer order retrieval

  • Decanting from above-ground liquid storage

  • Restocking high shelving in retail outlets

  • A service tool for changing lights, signage, painting, cleaning, or other maintenance tasks

  • Preparing store displays

Industries that can benefit from the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2's unmatched capabilities include retail, manufacturing, food and wine, distribution centres, office and public facilities, as well as conference/showroom venues.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 in action. Schedule a demo today and experience first-hand how this innovative powerhouse can transform your operations.

If the TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 seems like the perfect fit for your business, get in touch with one of our friendly Sales Representatives or Exclusive TASK Dealers to arrange a site survey or demonstration.

To find out more about the TASK TASK SIDEWINDER X4.2 and explore our complete range of cutting-edge solutions here. Empower your workforce and elevate your warehouse productivity with the TASK SIDEWINDER.



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