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Sustainable Spirits: Our Gin Distillery's Shift to the Legless Stacker

If you're a distiller searching for a reliable walkie stacker to aid your gin, whiskey or rum production during the distilling season, look no further than the TASK BOA Legless Stacker! Our innovative BOA Legless Stacker has helped numerous distilleries across Queensland, South Australia, NSW and Victoria maximize their time and staff, and we're excited to share how one boutique distillery in the Adelaide CBD has experienced the benefits of upgrading to our new TASK BOA X Legless Stacker.

According to the distillery's head distiller, Sam Johnson, their old forklift was outdated and inefficient, making the upgrade to the TASK BOA X Legless Stacker a no-brainer. During their busy season, the distillery handles huge amounts of botanicals and alcohol, and the new TASK BOA Legless stacker has proven to be a game-changer for their operations.

With the upgraded Nexsys battery system, the BOA Legless Stacker has a bigger capacity of 1360kg and can pick up the 1000L IBCs easily ensuring that the key ingredients are moved around without any damage.

The customer also requested longer forks, to pick up a variety of other materials and stillages, and the extra capacity has guaranteed that they can continue using a walkie stacker instead of their old traditional forklift for all their material handling operations.

“We received excellent service and support from the very first enquiry from the Adelaide-based team. They understood our operational requirements, and importantly our budget requirements and found a solution that has ticked all the right boxes. I highly recommend TASK Forklifts and in particular this little BOA Legless Stacker to other distilleries in the industry.” says Sam.

At TASK Forklifts, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of distillers across Queensland, South Australia, NSW and Victoria and providing custom solutions that deliver significant benefits, especially to those boutique companies where value and reliability is vital.

Contact us today to learn more about how our walkie stacker range can help your distillery operate more efficiently and effectively.


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