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Smart Design for Tight Spaces.

Discover the agile and versatile Sidewinder Venom, specially designed to streamline your store's picking tasks without the need for pallets. Say goodbye to conventional ladders and embrace a safer and more efficient way of working. Our stable mast enables picking items up to the third racking level, ensuring your team can handle tasks with ease and confidence.

Sidewinder Venom's compact dimensions and low standing height make it the perfect fit for any store layout. Easily maneuver through tight shop aisles and low doors, maximizing your storage space without compromising on safety.

Do More, Faster.

The TASK Sidewinder VENOM is ideal for use in stores, for light maintenance or picking tasks without a pallet. The stable mast allows for picking items up to the third racking level – for us the best alternative to a conventional ladder. 

• 3200mm Platform Height
• 5000mm Picking Height
• 27
0kg Capacity (including operator)

Experience operator comfort like never before. The Sidewinder Venom comes equipped with ergonomically designed footswitch, allowing for increased mobility within the operators area.


The Sidewinder Venom's mast design provides an ideal all-round view, allowing operators to handle tasks at reach heights of up to 5.30m effortlessly. "Softlanding" ensures gentle lowering of the platform, safeguarding both operators and goods.

Protection at Every Level.


At TASK Forklifts, your safety is our priority.

The Sidewinder Venom hosts a number of safety features including the use of forklift mast for added safety, even when raised to higher lift heights. The robust steel frame, complete with additional bumper, protects against damage to the truck, ensuring reliable and safe operations.

Our ergo lift tray includes a hydraulic lift and lower function to adjust the storage tray. We've also incorporated the use of advanced sensor technology, and a secondary operator control switch, to minimise crush-points ; increasing not only the operators safety, but persons nearby.

Navigate Narrow Aisles.

The Task Sidewinder, can work in very narrow aisle widths of 840mm allowing you to maximise your warehouse storage capabilities. Furthermore, the unit has an elevation height of 3200mm, and still has exceptional levels of stability compared to similar units in the market.


A new type of Energy.

The TASK® SIDEWINDER® uses American designed Nexsys® batteries. The batteries are completely sealed, offering full maintenance-free capabilities. Many of the benefits are the same as lithium-ion, but at a much lower cost. Thin plate industrial batteries offer more up time, less maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than conventional lead-acid batteries. Here are a few other benefits:

  1. Half the cost of lithium-ion

  2. No damage due to partial charging- ideal for opportunity charging

  3. A safer workplace - no exposure to acid

  4. Longer service life- extremely-resistant to vibration and shock

  5. Save money on electric bills- high-efficiency, low overcharge requirement

  6. More eco-friendly- up to 98% of each battery is recyclable

  7. Fast charging


We've also designed the SIDEWINDER® VENOM with an in-built intelligent fast charger, which plugs in to any standard single phase wall socket - allowing operators to easily charge the unit almost anywhere in their warehouse.
The Sidewinder® VENOM comes standard with responsive dual-controlled steering handles to reduce worker fatigue and make it easier for operators to use the Sidewinder Venom  in tight areas. A visual wheel indicator and high definition camera offers further functionality and safety when navigating tight areas.


a 270kg Lifting Capacity

a 3.2m Platform Lifting Height

a 5.0m Picking Height

a High Definition Reversing Camera

a Smart Nexsys Batteries

a Built-in (Single Phase) Fast Charger

a Intelligent AC Drive Motor

a Digital Dash Display

a Designed and Tested by TASK

a Emergency Dead-man Switch

a Safe to use in all types of Warehouses

a Built to Australian Standards

a No license required to operate

a Can be to adjusted to meet environmental requirements

a Programmed different operator skill levels.



Discover how the Sidewinder Venom can transform your store operations, providing increased efficiency, safety, and operator comfort.


Get in touch with our team of experts and take the first step towards a smarter and more productive future.

Lets book a demo?

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