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Beyond the Price: Why Your Purchase Decision Shouldn't Be Based on Price Alone

When it comes to walkie stackers and forklifts, TASK Forklifts has a clear advantage over the competition. While other companies may try to lure customers in with cheap pricing, we know that savvy businesses are looking for long-term cost savings, not just short-term bargains.

That's why we engineer our walkie stackers and forklifts to minimise operating costs and deliver exceptional value over their long working lives. From reliability and durability to operator efficiency, every aspect of our walkie stacker is designed with Total cost ownership in mind.

Plus, with our modular design, use of common parts across many of stacker models and industry-leading parts and service operations, our stackers require fewer parts and less maintenance, leading to less downtime and greater productivity.

But don't just take our word for it - talk to long-term TASK walkie stacker owners and see for yourself why our stackers command such high prices on the used market.

James Pitchford – Proud owner of a TASK BOA 1200-3.5, Adelaide.

"I can't say enough good things about TASK Forklifts. Not only are their prices competitive, but the maintenance costs are incredibly low. I was hesitant at first - I'll admit that I was initially attracted to cheaper pricing from other companies - but I quickly realised that TASK’s walkie stacker was the smart choice for my business.
Their equipment has been super reliable, the steel covers are incredibly durable, and our staff find them so easy and simple to use. And when it comes to maintenance and downtime, TASKs competitive preventative maintenance program ensure that our stacker never misses a service!
But what really sets TASK Forklifts apart is their dedicated support team. Whenever I need help or have a question, they're there to provide industry-leading support and add real value to my equipment. If you're looking for a forklift that's not only better now, but also better in the long run, you can't go wrong with a TASK walkie stacker."

If you're ready to invest in a walkie stacker that will save you money in the long run, choose TASK Forklifts.

Find out more about our extensive walkie stacker range here or contact our sales team on 1300 13 2002



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