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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Forklift: Making the Right Choice with TASK Forklifts

Buying a forklift can be a crucial decision for any business. It's not just about purchasing a piece of machinery; it's an investment in your warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Buying a forklift can be a crucial decision for any business. It's not just about purchasing a piece of machinery; it's an investment in your warehouse efficiency and productivity. As you delve into the process of acquiring the perfect forklift, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you make the best choice for your specific needs. At TASK Forklifts, we have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and selling quality, reliable forklifts and walkie stackers. To help you navigate this journey, we've compiled a list of seven essential factors that will guide you in understanding your requirements and finding the ideal solution.

1) Evaluate Your Typical Loads

Understanding the size and weight of your typical loads is the first step towards choosing the right forklift. In Australia, the majority of pallet loads conform to the Australian standard size of 1165mm x 1165mm, and 80% of these loads don't exceed 1300kgs. Knowing these dimensions will enable you to select a forklift with the appropriate load capacity to handle your materials efficiently.

2) Determine Your Required Lift Height

The height at which you need to lift your loads is another critical consideration. For most applications, walkie stackers with a lift height of less than 4.5m are sufficient. A three-stage mast with a collapsed height of 2125mm offers optimal versatility for stacking goods at different levels. Utilising the vertical space in your warehouse effectively will increase your storage capacity and decrease the cost per pallet position.

3) Identify Your Working Environment

Understanding whether you will use the forklift indoors, outdoors, or both is vital in choosing the right equipment. TASK Forklifts offers stackers with high-density polyurethane wheels, allowing them to be used outdoors for short durations if necessary. For more extensive outdoor usage, we also have a selection of Battery electric ride-on units equipped with either pneumatic or solid tires.

4) Consider Your Manoeuvring Space

The available space for manoeuvring your forklift plays a significant role in optimising your warehouse layout. If you're looking to maximise your storage capacity, narrow aisles (less than 3.6 meters) might be the way to go. Our BOA Legless stacker can efficiently operate in aisle widths as narrow as 2.6m, enabling you to utilise every inch of your space effectively.

5) Calculate Daily Usage Hours

The frequency of forklift usage during a typical workday is a crucial factor in determining whether to opt for a new or used forklift. As a rule of thumb, if you anticipate using the forklift for more than 3 hours per day, investing in a new forklift might be the best choice. However, if your usage isn't as extensive, a used forklift in excellent condition can provide a cost-effective solution. TASK Forklifts offers an extensive range of both new and reconditioned units to cater to your specific needs.

6) Set Your Budget

Understanding your budget is paramount in making an informed decision. TASK Forklifts offers a range of both second hand, and brand new walkie stackers and forklifts. Assess your budget carefully and choose the option that aligns with your needs and financial constraints.

7) Choose a Reliable Forklift Seller/Dealer

In addition to selecting the right forklift, it's essential to consider the reliability and support provided by the forklift seller or dealer. At TASK Forklifts, we take pride in being not only a manufacturer and seller but also a dedicated servicer. With a team of qualified technicians across the country, we are always available to handle servicing and breakdowns. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program ensures smooth operations and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns.


Investing in a forklift is an important decision that requires careful consideration of your specific requirements. With over 40 years of industry experience, TASK Forklifts is your trusted partner in finding the perfect forklift or walkie stacker for your business needs. By evaluating your loads, lift height, working environment, maneuvering space, usage hours, and budget, you can make a well-informed decision that will lead to long-term satisfaction and improved warehouse efficiency. We are committed to providing top-notch service and support to ensure that every forklift you purchase from us meets your expectations and empowers your business to thrive. Choose TASK Forklifts for confidence and excellence right from the start.

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