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Improved Reliability.

Keeping a regular eye on your equipment is the best way to ensure longevity and reliability. The frequency of the servicing should be in line with how often you use your forklift and how important it is to your operations. If you're maybe only using the forklift for less than 4-5 hours a week, then a servicing every 4-6 months would be recommended. If your forklift is being used constantly, and is imperative to your operations then a scheduled service every 3 months should be your maintenance strategy. 

Less Breakdowns.

There's no denying the link between servicing and breakdowns. The more frequent your servicing, the less breakdowns you'll likely experience. Breakdowns can be expensive, not just from a parts and labour point of view, but also the idle time of your workforce and the delays caused by being unable to load and unload stock from deliveries and dispatch.


Decrease in Expensive parts replacement.

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place ensures that the key components on your forklift are looked after as best as possible. Without a scheduled maintenance plan the likelihood of having to replacement expensive parts such as batteries, head-gaskets and drive motors significantly increases.

Extend your forklift life expectancy.

It's simple. The better you look after your forklift, the longer it lasts. Which means, you spend less on equipment.

Improved resale value.

A full service history, equates to a better resale value. The reason for upgrading your forklift should be because you've outgrown it, or require something with more features not because its broken. That scheduled service plan you've had for the last 10 years may help you get an extra couple thousands dollars more for your old forklift!

Increase in Work Safety.

A working forklift is a safe forklift. If your forklift is constantly breaking down, or the brakes intermittently stop working or the mast sometimes lowers when you've got a pallet loaded, then you could be moment away from a forklift accident. Getting your forklift serviced on a regularly basis ensures these issues are diagnosed and fixed before they cause issues and potentially incidents.

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