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Legless Stacker.

Introducing our new TASK BOA® Legless® Stackers, the ultimate solution in accessibility and efficiency.

Our innovative "Legless" design eliminates the need for clearance beams or space between pallet loads, virtually eliminating product damage. And with the compact size of our BOA® stacker, operators can work in exceptionally narrow aisles with unparalleled manoeuvrability, all without sacrificing capacity at lift heights.


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Power & Control.

Thanks to its industrial battery, the TASK® BOA® offers extended usage time, so your team can work longer between charges. Plus, with its in-built single-phase charger, operators can easily charge the unit from any standard single phase wall socket. An optional upgrade to the maintenance free, opportunity charge Nexsys® battery is also available. These are designed to rapidly charge in applications where charging is intermittent between use. The BOA® is equipped with the state-of-the-art Curtis® Controller system that is both innovative and functional, providing convenient diagnosis and repair options through its control system.  

The BOA® comes standard with responsive electric power steering to reduce worker fatigue and makes it easier for operators to use the BOA® Legless® Stacker in tight areas. A tilting carriage offers further functionality on uneven areas when unloading.

Our ergonomically designed handles are equipped with a gas-assisted spring that gently returns the handle to its vertical position. The tiller handle allows for precise manoeuvring and offers easy access to lift/lower and tilt functions for both left and right-handed operators. With forward and reverse butterfly control, operators of the BOA® find it easy and simple to operate. 
Invest in the TASK BOA® Legless® Stacker today for the ultimate solution in accessibility, efficiency, and ease of use.


New BOA Collection


BOA Features List

a 900kg and 1200kg Lifting Capacity

a 2.5m - 4.5m Lifting Height

a Two stage configurations

a Clear view mast, for maximum visibility

a 210ah Industrial Lead Acid Battery

a Optional Maintenance Free SMART Battery  (BOA X)

a Built-in (Single Phase) Charger

a Tilting Carriage as standard

a Electric Power Steering

a Australian Steel Chassis

a Australian Engineering and Design

a Safe to use in all types of Warehouses

a Built to Australian Standards

a No license required to operate

a Can be to adjusted to meet environmental requirements

a Programmed different operator skill levels.

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A new type of Energy.

The TASK® BOA® X uses American designed Nexsys® batteries. The batteries are completely sealed, offering full maintenance-free capabilities. Many of the benefits are the same as lithium-ion, but at a much lower cost. Thin plate industrial batteries offer more up time, less maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than conventional lead-acid batteries. Here are a few other benefits:

  1. Half the cost of lithium-ion

  2. No damage due to partial charging- ideal for opportunity charging

  3. A safer workplace - no exposure to acid

  4. Longer service life- extremely-resistant to vibration and shock

  5. Save money on electric bills- high-efficiency, low overcharge requirement

  6. More eco-friendly- up to 98% of each battery is recyclable

  7. Fast charging

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TASK BOA® Legless® Stackers is available for purchase and hire.
Contact us for for more information.

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