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How Our Walkie Stackers and NexSys Batteries Helped a Vineyard Boost Efficiency

When it comes to running a vineyard, every second counts. That's why when a vineyard in South Australia was struggling to keep up with demand during the busy harvest season, they turned to TASK Forklifts for a solution.

We recommended our BOA Legless walkie stacker, which is designed to operate in narrow spaces without sacrificing lift capacity. With a lifting capacity of 900kg and 1200kg and a lifting height of 2.5m – 4.5m, the BOA Legless walkie stacker was the perfect fit for the vineyard's needs.

The vineyard was impressed with the BOA Legless walkie stacker's clear view mast, which maximized visibility and allowed for safe and efficient operation. The ergonomically designed handle and electric power steering made it easy for their operators to maneuver the walkie stacker around the vineyard, even during long shifts.

But what really set TASK Forklifts apart was our NexSys batteries, which are fitted into our BOA Legless stacker models. The vineyard was thrilled to learn that these batteries offer more up time, less maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership than conventional lead-acid batteries. With no watering or changing required, the NexSys batteries were virtually maintenance-free, which allowed the vineyard to focus on their core business.

Thanks to our BOA Legless walkie stacker and NexSys batteries, the vineyard was able to boost efficiency during the busy harvest season. With faster charging times and a safer workplace, they were able to handle more orders and keep their customers happy. At TASK Forklifts, we're proud to help businesses like this vineyard achieve their goals and streamline their operations.


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