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The Legless Stacker: A Unique Innovation from TASK Forklifts

At TASK Forklifts, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to excellence has led us to design and trademark the BOA Legless Stacker, an ingenious solution that revolutionises the counter-balance forklift market. As the name implies, the Legless Stacker is unlike any other, as it operates without straddle legs, enabling operators to work efficiently in narrow spaces without compromising on lift capacity.

BOA Legless Stacker

Versatility Redefined

The beauty of the BOA Legless Stacker lies in its versatility. It can lift a wide range of loads, from stillages and pallets to benches and practically anything you can imagine. The absence of "legs" makes this stacker remarkably manoeuvrable and adaptable to various material handling tasks, making it a perfect choice for warehouses and factories with tight racking and narrow aisle widths.

Maximizing Space and Simplifying Operations

In contrast to conventional counterbalance units, the BOA Legless Stacker boasts a significantly smaller footprint, which translates into optimized space utilisation within your facility. Its compact design enables it to navigate through confined spaces with ease, ensuring that every inch of your warehouse is put to good use.

Simplicity is another hallmark of the BOA Legless Stacker. Unlike forklifts with complex controls and seating arrangements, this innovative stacker is operated by one person standing behind the unit. Our ergonomically designed handles and user-friendly control system empower operators to effortlessly manoeuvre the stacker and utilize lift and tilting controls to handle materials efficiently.

A Seamless Fit for Narrow Racking

The BOA Legless Stacker is the ultimate solution for handling materials in narrow racking setups. While conventional stackers might struggle to fit into such restricted spaces, the Legless Stacker glides through with ease, facilitating seamless movement of one or multiple pallets without any hindrance.

Streamlined Training and Licensing

Embracing the BOA Legless Stacker into your material handling operations doesn't just save space; it also saves time and resources. With no complex controls or seating requirements, extensive training and licensing for operators are not necessary. The simplicity of its operation ensures that your team can quickly adapt to using the stacker and make the most of its capabilities.

Choose Innovation, Choose the BOA Legless Stacker from TASK Forklifts

The BOA Legless Stacker embodies the spirit of innovation and practicality that defines TASK Forklifts. By removing the straddle legs and reimagining the counter-balance forklift, we have created a powerful tool that excels in efficiency, manoeuvrability, and adaptability.

When you choose the BOA Legless Stacker from TASK Forklifts, you're not just investing in a forklift – you're investing in streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and a more efficient warehouse or factory. Let us help you elevate your material handling game with our ground-breaking BOA Legless Stacker.



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