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Do's & Don'ts Forklift Battery Care

How to look after a Forklift Battery.

At TASK we're always happy to help customer get the most out of their machines! We often get asked questions such as..

• How long do i need to charge the battery for?

• When should I water the batteries?

• What type of water should we use to fill the batteries?

Maintaining and Caring for your battery is the best way to make sure your forklift lasts the test of time. New batteries for our walkie stackers range from $1500- $4000 (more for counter-balance units), so its in your best interest to maintain them as best you can!

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you keep your forklift batteries healthy and last as long as possible..

  • Always make sure electrolyte level is at least covering the battery plates before charging. Overfilling will cause acid overflow, which results in power loss and damages.Space is necessary to allow for expansion and “gassing”.

  • If the battery overflows, rinse with water immediately (baking soda is optional) to prevent corrosion.

  • Charge in a well ventilated area.

  • Always top up battery electrolyte levels AFTER charging.

  • Keep top of battery clean, dry and free from grease to stop electrolyte tracking and loss of power.

  • Use correct water when available. Distilled water is recommended by the battery manufacturers.

  • Charge batteries for 8–10 hours after use (when required).

  • Do not allow the battery to discharge to less than 20%.

  • Do not opportunity charge the battery (e.g over lunch breaks), or disrupt a charge cycle. This will reduce the life span of your battery.

  • Always follow procedures and use necessary protection when servicing a battery.

Battery care is the responsibility of the operator at all times.

If you require additional training, or have any questions relating to

battery care and maintenance,

call us on 1300 13 2002.



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