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Benefits of Planned Maintenance for Electric Forklifts & Walkie Stackers

One of the (many) reasons electric forklifts and walkie stackers outsell LPG forklifts is they cost less to maintain.

So what are the benefits of planned maintenance for low-maintenance equipment?

First off, electric forklifts have wearable parts (tires, brakes, chains, forks, hoses) that need to be inspected and periodically replaced, just like any other forklift.

You can think of planned maintenance as a thorough safety check every 90 days. A factory-trai

ned forklift technician will inspect the lift trucks’ safety features (chains, electrical system, lights), in addition to its accessories and any attachments.

The forklift technician can also confirm if the forklift’s battery is being maintained properly by operators.

Last but not least, your team members can ask the technician questions and mention things they've noticed about the truck's performance.

So, what's included?

Our trained service technicians carry out a full inspection of the unit when undergoing a preventative maintenance check.

✓ Checking the electric forklift’s motor and cables Electric forklifts have cables that carry electric current. During normal operation, these cables can come loose due to vibration, driving over rough surfaces, etc. If this occurs, it can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the motor or motor controller.

✓ Lube and grease moving parts There are several moving parts on an electric forklift that need to be lubed and greased regularly to avoid damage.

✓ Checking the battery The battery is the life-blood of the electric forklift. Our technicians will check water levels and voltage readings to ensure there are no unseen issues with your battery.

If you’ve ever calculated what an hour of downtime costs your business, you know planned maintenance is very cost-effective. TASK forklifts and walkie stackers are known for being reliable, but they require regular service and inspections. In addition to avoiding budget-busting repairs, planned maintenance also allows you to schedule service when it’s convenient.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about planned maintenance, or buying a TASK Forklift. Contact TASK Forklift online, or by phone 1300 13 2002 or at one of our locations across Australia.

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