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Introducing the New Sidewinder Venom Light Duty Task Support Vehicle

August 2023 is set to mark a ground breaking moment in the material handling industry as TASK Forklifts prepares to unveil its latest marvel - the Sidewinder Venom - Light Duty Task Support Vehicle. Designed to revolutionize store operations, light maintenance, and picking tasks, this agile and versatile small order picker is about to redefine the concept of efficiency.

"We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Sidewinder Venom, a product that has been over 2 years in the making through extensive R&D. At TASK Forklifts, we strive to be at the forefront of innovative and the Sidewinder Venom embodies that vision perfectly. Our unwavering focus on safety and efficiency is evident in every aspect of the Sidewinder Venom. Packed with features you won't find in any other comparable unit, we've ensured that operators can work with confidence and achieve unmatched productivity." Ollie Taylor, CEO Task Forklifts

Embrace the Unparalleled Versatility

The Sidewinder Venom emerges as the ultimate solution for stores and warehouses, freeing operators from the constraints of traditional ladders. Its stable mast empowers them to pick items up to the third racking level, offering a more versatile and efficient alternative for reaching heights without the need for pallets.

Navigating the Path of Convenience

Treading through narrow shop aisles and low doors has never been smoother. The Sidewinder Venom's compact dimensions and low standing height ensure it glides effortlessly through tight spaces, weaving convenience into the fabric of daily operations. Equipped with folding control arms, this extraordinary vehicle guarantees operator safety even at high lift heights, instilling confidence in every task undertaken.

Elevating Operator Experience

Task Forklifts understands that the key to heightened productivity lies in operator comfort. The Sidewinder Venom takes this philosophy to heart, featuring an ergonomically designed footswitch on the floor, amplifying mobility within the driver's cab. Operators can now freely select their position on the stand-on platform, minimizing fatigue, and maximizing productivity. The generously designed workspace complements the driving and standing experience, while excellent visibility in the direction of travel ensures complete control and awareness at all times.

Efficiency Redefined

In the pursuit of efficiency, the Sidewinder Venom embraces ergonomic excellence with its seamlessly arranged controls. Operators experience unparalleled convenience as they lift and drive simultaneously, streamlining workflows and delivering results like never before.

Unleashing the Power Within

Performance meets sustainability with the Sidewinder Venom's maintenance-free Nexsys battery system, which boasts a built-in super-fast charger. Conquer daily tasks with ease, thanks to high availability and extremely short charging times. With no battery exchanges required, you can embrace longer service life and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Charging rooms and ventilation concerns become a thing of the past as the Sidewinder Venom emits no gas build-up, making it an environmentally conscious choice for businesses.

Built to Endure

Safety and durability form the backbone of the Sidewinder Venom's design. The stable mast ensures added safety, even at elevated heights, while the robust steel frame with an additional bumper safeguards against potential damage. Durable construction and absence of external plastic parts promise longevity, fortifying the Sidewinder Venom as a reliable companion on any journey.

Reaching New Heights - Literally

The Sidewinder Venom elevates material handling to new heights, quite literally. Its mast design provides an all-round view, even at reach heights of up to 5.30m. Say goodbye to shocks and jolts as the soft-landing feature guarantees gentle platform depositing during lowering, safeguarding operators and transported goods. Further enhancing convenience, the electrically adjustable front lifting tray ensures seamless handling of objects, big or small.

Your Efficiency Journey Begins Here

The TASK Sidewinder Venom becomes available for just $19,990ex gst (plus delivery). The wait is almost over, and the future of material handling is knocking on your door.

Sidewinder Venom



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