VIPER 1.5-4.5Tri SS

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This SUMI VIPER is built in Australia for the tough Australian conditions and is ready for a variety of applications. It features a three stage mast, and a state of the art reach function offering a 600mm reach.


Using a German engineered transmission and an American Curtis Controller as well as responsive power steering, operators find the Viper reach stacker, easy and simple to use. The controller can be adjusted to suit operator experience levels and/or environment requirements. 


Low noise technology ensure's a safer and quieter working environment, allowing warehouse staff to hear each other and respond to safety alarms.


Minimal Battery Maintenance.

The unit requires very low levels of maintenance. Operators are required to check the electrolyte (water) levels in the battery. This is made even easier with an included battery filling system. 


The battery filling system consists of automatic shut-off valves, connected with tubing, which replace battery vent caps. The tubing is attached to a quick coupler that is connected to a water supply. Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level.


Single point watering systems allow you to fill your batteries efficiently without exposing you to dangerous battery acid. Using an battery watering system maximises the life expectancy of your batteries while considerably reducing labor for watering individual cells.



Full Factory Refurb Unit

  • Full Factory Refurbishment
  • Very Low Energy Costs
  • Full Factory Refurbishment
  • Brand New Industrial Battery
  • 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty
  • Easy to Operate
  • No License Required


Key Specifications

• Load Capacity: 1500kgs
• Lift Height: 4.5m
• Reach: 600mm

• Power Steering

• Tilting Carriage

• Side-shift
• Collapsed Height: 2125mm
• Outside Straddle Width: 1425mm
• Chassis Clearance: 50mm

VIPER 1.5-4.5Tri SS

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  • Model

    Viper 1.5 - 4.5Tri SS (DC)

    Capacity 1500kg
    Lift Height 4.5m
    Collapsed Height 2125mm
    Free Lift 1150mm
    Battery 24v Battery
    Features Reach, Tilt and Sideshift
    Power Steering Yes