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The Perks of Forklift Rental

For small businesses or one-off projects, forklift rental may be better than buying. Here a just a few of the upsides of forklift rental.

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History of the Humble Forklift

The ability to lift and move large loads swiftly and safely, with minimal manpower has shaped the world we live in. So, let's look back to where it all began.  

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Upon quick glance, there is very little aesthetic difference between the Stackers and Forklifts. They both do the same thing, right?

If you are defining each machine by its ability to lift pallets, moving them and store them then, yes, they do the same thing.

However, the devil is in the detail. Just exactly how much lifting, moving and at what heights can they store pallets?

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5 reasons to consider electric forklifts

Technology is changing the way we manufacture and use work vehicles—and the shift to more sustainable, cost-effective and user-friendly equipment has never been more pronounced than in recent developments in forklifts.  While conventional forklifts with internal combustion engines are still relatively reliable partners in many industries, the development of electric forklifts has progressed so fast and so far in recent years that their design and performance is rivalling, if not surpassing, traditional machines.

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The latest trends and technologies in the forklift industry

The forklift is a fundamental piece of equipment, and one that has an impact on every part of a warehouses operations. For years it has had the same basic function, moving loads from one area to the other.

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Basic Safety Checks you should carry out before Operating a Forklift

This article provides some tips to help prepare you before operating this machine.

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The Benefits of Using a Forklift vs. Pedestrian Stacker

Perhaps you have a job in front of you which involves a lot of heavy lifting, lifting that you simply cannot do using regular man power. If you need to lift multiple heavy items and get the job done in an expeditious fashion you will likely need to consider the use of either a pedestrian stacker or a traditional rider forklift.

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Acquiring a Forklift License in Australia

With the mining boom occurring in Western Australia and a wide range of industrial developments nationwide, forklifts have become an increasingly important part of the Australian workforce. As a forklift operator in Australia, you can make an attractive wage, with many operators earning up to $30 an hour. There are, however some things you need to consider when operating a forklift.

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Common Uses for Forklifts

Forklifts are powerful, heavy-duty electric lift trucks that are used for materials handling such as crates, containers, and other equipment. Forklifts are used by almost every industry and are therefore practically indispensable.

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Tips For A Safe Forklift Operation

An inexperienced forklift operator or a forklift that is poorly maintained can result in serious damage to equipment, product and risk human lives.

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Choosing The Right Forklift

If you operate within a warehouse, buying a forklift for your business is important and requires that you to have a little knowledge before you make your final decision.

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The Importance of Forklift Maintenance

Legal issues arise regarding the safety of forklifts, electric lift trucks and pallet trucks in instances where they have been responsible for amputations and deaths, which result in costly lawsuits.

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New & Used Forklift Maintenance - Safety Checks for Your Forklift

Regardless of whether you use new or used forklifts, you need to make sure that the machine is inspected every day before you have to use it. In fact, you may also need to check the equipment where there is a driver or shift change.

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Lifting Loads - Choosing the Right Used Forklift

If you need to do some serious materials handling, then you probably own a forklift or you’re in the market for one very soon.

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Forklift Rentals

Organisations in need of forklifts understand that it is often more cost effective renting one rather than spending money on a new one.

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Pallet Jacks, known as a Pallet Trucks

A pallet jacks are also known in the industry as a pallet truck or a jigger. Pallet Jacks are a powered truck with a mast used to lift and move pallets around. Pallet trucks are equipped with a carriage area and extended blades.

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Uplift Yourself with Second Hand Forklifts

Used cars, bikes, books, machines and any other type of second hand articles are sold everywhere more frequently than new articles.

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Things to consider with Materials Handling Equipment

Do you own or manage a business that only occasionally needs the help of materials handling equipment such as forklifts?

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The Importance of Forklift Training

Over the last few years, forklift technology has advanced a lot and it seems that for companies who own forklifts, maintaining them properly will pay off big time.

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Forklift trucks were first produced due to the scarcity of staff during WWI. Businesses like Yale & Towne and Clark initiated material handling gear that used motorized lift tractors to substitute staff in their factories.

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