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A First Time Trip to China

In January, 2016 I was fortunate enough to travel to China for the first time. I visited the Task office in China along with workmates, Mr Ben and Richard Crocker. Boy, was the weather in China different compared to January in South Australia. At that time of the year much of China has below freezing temperatures and it was a big shock- like hitting a brick wall of cold air when exiting the plane.

On observation it's easy to see how China has progressed so rapidly during the past 20 years. Obviously low labour costs make China very competitive and the rollout of major infrastructure projects has transformed the country with national highways and expressways. And in the cities the number of skyscrapers is mind boggling.

Travelling around it was like watching a real life game of SIM City unfold before your eyes! They not only keep building more and more skyscrapers, the landscaping happens instantly at the same time. I noticed fully grown tress being planted en-masse to complete a new landscape, along with new roads and amenities.

No hold ups with council approvals in China! The country likes to make a strong physical statement to the rest of the world. One highlight of my trip was catching a bullet train that can travel at a speed of 300km/hr. The trains are clean and you can get good food and cold beer to enhance your trip. High speed train travel is expanding at a rapid rate; over 11,000km of new track has been laid in the past few years.

As I remarked it was cold, very cold during my trip. On the last day of my trip I was lucky enough to see the first snowfall for the season. Like many South Aussies I had never seen snow before. That day we finished a number of meetings with our Chinese connections and I got 'to play' in the snow! The highlight of that was I managed to hit Richard Croker squarely in the back with a snowball - bullseye!

My China trip was wonderful and I'd recommend to anybody to go there if they have the opportunity.


Ross McArdle, Product Development Engineer